About Us

Since 1955, Goodman Building Supply has been helping service the housewares, hardware and gardening needs of the Marin community.

Just as it always has been, Goodman Building Supply is renowned for great variety, excellent customer service and competitive prices, offering the best package in Marin.

It’s also a source of memories for thousands of customers who’ve made their home owner dreams come true by shopping there.

Goodman Building Supply has impacted the lives of countless North Bay families, whether through a knowledgeable staff person answering a how-to question, locating a hard-to-find item, assisting someone in the drive-in lumber yard, or getting something from the special order desk.

“I’ve been shopping here over 50 years and they’ve always had everything I need at reasonable prices. Either for major projects or puttering around the house,” says Mill Valley resident Terry Bunton, “I always come on Wednesday for the 10% senior discount.”

Over the years some things have changed, such as management’s philosophy of embracing environmental and ecological issues. Those new attitudes plus over 2,500 green products have gotten the store a Marin Green Business certification from the county.

In addition, the Marin Municipal Water District has acknowledged Goodman Building Supply for its wide selection of water-saving products.

These green and water-saving products are part of a one-stop shopping Mecca that includes over 60,000 items in inventory with another almost 200,000 available by special order.

“With all our nooks and crannies the store is almost like a Winchester Mystery House,” says Vice President and General Manager Zviki Govrin with a chuckle.

Goodman Building Supply is a place where do-it-yourselfers come together with seasoned construction and landscaping professionals. They all come together with these things in mind: convenience, reasonable pricing, and excellent service.

The real strength of Goodman Building Supply is the employees and management staff. From Govrin on down, they are ready, willing and able to meet each and every customer’s needs.

From Vikash and Feliciano in Hardware and Plumbing, Dan and Marilyn in Paint, Asiam and Olivia in Electrical, Scott in Garden, Horacio in the Lumberyard, to Adam in Special Orders, the staff’s philosophy is this: The customer is number one!

Since Richard Harris bought out his partner 10 years ago to become sole proprietor, Goodman Building Supply has grown and currently employs 60 people.

Although Harris retired shortly after the buyout, it’s still very much a family business. Govrin, Harris’ son-in-law, runs the daily operation with the help of the senior management team of Martin Coleman and Phil Makai.

“Our success can be credited to an ownership that trusts and values the abilities and decisions of its management,” says Coleman. “Because of that, our management philosophy is the same with our staff. We build a team strategy because it takes a team effort, like the one you see above.”

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